We should make it easier for Local Government to help us!


Not least thanks to TV's focus on bad news and its failure to report good news, many of us have a poor image of 'The Council', associating it with bad things rather than good things. We are certainly not apologists for any of the layers or forms of Government in our country but we think it sensible to consider what they do with independent reason rather than manipulated sentiment. Overall, given that they have to face high expectations in respect of many of the country's most complicated problems, with limited resources, we think they do quite a good job. We also think that, whilst the Local Government (or equivalents) in other countries do some things better than ours do (so we could learn from them), our Local Governments do much better in many ways than what is done in many (probably most) other countries - so we should not give them too hard a time ... particularly when they are trying to be helpful!


It seems to us that part of the reason why parts of 'The System' are not always as effective as they could & should be is that they are not given enough support by We, The People. When they reach out to us, we should at least lean part of the way to make it easier for them to reach us. For example, look at the web site of WISH (Wellbeing and Information Signposting for Herefordshire). That shows Herefordshire Council's response to a requirement, thrown at them by Central Government, to make it easier for people to find information about the services provided by their Local Authority. We should give it a go!


How can we help to "make it easier for Local Government to help us"? We are still thinking on this. We have already decided to freeze Event#03 ('The development of an Online Shared Diary of local events'), at least until we have obtained feedback on the matter from various local community-support venues, partly because we are keen to avoid unnecessary reinventing of wheels but also because we feel that we should give WISH's attempt to cover that requirement a real chance and so should support it. We are also keen to encourage local venues to provide opportunities for WISH, and other initiatives that are supported by Local Government, to advise 'We The People' on what they offer. This will probably lead to our support for any Roadshows or Discussion Groups that they wish to provide (see Idea#06). More on this in due course.