DIRECTORY           This section is 'Under Construction' but it is beginning to show its potential. To reach anything like its full potential we will need feedback & input so, if you see something that you think could be improved or find an omission that should be filled, please let us know (although, if we appear to have missed an 'obvious' group, do please check the Names Index first in case we have included it under a different name). The tabs below provide information about the Directory that may interest anyone wishing to use it or have an entry in it. As reported on Brochures, we hope to produce a 'hard copy' physical version of this Directory at least once a year.


This section of the site is important to our Groups Initiative as we aim to help people connect to the many community-support groups in our 'Friendship Area'. [That area is loosely defined in the 'Where?' tab on our About page.] Our focus is on those groups which have an online presence through a web site and/or a Facebook page but we will also include personal contact details for some of those groups that do not (yet) have an online presence. In due course we will see if we can help those groups achieve an online presence if they would like one.


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Are you involved in a 'community-support group'?
Are you active in our 'Friendship Area' (which covers most of South-West Herefordshire and part of Monmouthshire)?

* If you are not sure about the above, see the 'Coverage' tab.
* If your answer to both questions is YES, your group should have an entry in this Directory.
* If it is already in then please check the entry and let us know if it is OK or not.
* If your group is not in already, please provide Peter@GoldenValleyGroups.UK with a suggested entry.

As mentioned in the 'Who?' tab on our About page, we do not define 'community support groups' at all strictly. Although we started mostly with links to Community Halls & certain charitable concerns, the Directory is growing and will soon have entries for social & hobby-supporting activities as diverse as ballet, bell-ringing, boxing ... karate, keep fit, knitting ... scouting, sewing, singing .... Why should we limit it as long as it is legal and generally supportive of 'the community'? Even 'for profit' organisations may be included although we will normally not include activities that are predominantly business- or trade-related or of personal rather than communal or social focus unless what they do has a clearly positive social or communal effect. However, we may yet provide advertising and/or marketing opportunities for pubs, events-reporting magazines, and other businesses that play an important role in the local community. We will keep all this under review as this Groups Initiative evolves.

For the purposes of this Directory and certain events, we wish to involve all community support groups that are active in our 'Friendship Area'. That is broadly defined in the 'Where?' tab on About. If you are not sure if that covers you, feel free to get in touch with us to check.

The alphabetical links above open the relevant page for the groups within our 'Main Directory' whose names begin with that letter. If you are not sure which name to look under, you may find the NAMES INDEX to be useful.

The ACTIVITIES INDEX identifies the groups that are included in our Directory, analysed by activity. Groups may be associated with more than one activity.

In due course (possibly), but not until 2022 at the earliest, we will have a LOCATIONS INDEX that identifies the groups that are included in our Directory analysed by location. Groups may be associated with more than one location.

We presently provide only basic information for every entry: Name, links to appropriate web sites or Facebook pages, Location and Activity/Activities. For groups identified as a Venue, we also show what types of activities they host (though work on that still has to be done). Some entries also have a short description under their names and/or Notes that provide additional information on what they do. Sometimes we provide that description or Note for free as we wish to make it clearer what they do or why we are including them.

The first hard copy version of this Directory was included in the Brochure that was prepared for the Societies Fair in 2018. The second version was provided within our 'Open Letters Brochure' which was released in November 2019. A printable copy of both can be downloaded from the BROCHURES page.

For some more information about the Directory, see Notes for the Directory which also includes information on our provision of free email addresses in certain circumstances.