We hope to produce at least one hard copy Brochure each year that includes:
- a version of our Online Directory,
- a few articles about what some of the local Community Support groups are doing and other issues that interest us, and
- an update on what we are doing.
Our first brochure was produced to accompany our first Societies Fair which was held on 18th November 2018. [A read-only but printable Word (.docx) copy of that brochure may be downloaded here.] As you can see from its Content page (shown on the right), it included some information about what we were doing in general and about the Societies Fair in particular, some articles about some of the issues that concern us (in this case: Loneliness (for which 'The Three Ages' was relevant) and Community Transport), and some of the organisations we think people should be aware of (the Community Halls and those groups that 'Support the Supporters'). It is likely that future brochures will take a similar approach. However, one thing we did with that first brochure will be changed. We charged 50p for it. We intend to make future brochures FREE so that people will pick up a copy when they see one without hesitating to consider whether or not it will be worth paying for. We hope that they will then read it, enjoy it and benefit from it, and tell others about it. To do this means that future brochures will have to attract sponsorship and/or advertising to cover costs.  
Although we are still looking for more sponsorship (to cover printing costs), we have already obtained some sponsorship for the 2019 brochure that enabled us to start work on it. That sponsorship came from NFU MUTUAL. Thank You NFU Mutual. We aim to to have the brochure ready for distribution late in November 2019. The brochure will focus partly on helping people find information about what is going on in the region and partly on supporting some of those who provide that information. The brochure will be used to:
* launch Event04 ('Supporting our local information-providing periodicals').
* help us decide what to do with Event03 ('The development of an Online Shared Diary of local events') which is currently suspended even though the underlying need remains strong.
* help people identify some local community-support groups whilst at the same time promote our Online Directory.