To ensure that the initiative represented by this site goes further than just the provision of this site, and translates words into deeds, we will on occasion organise & operate and market & advertise events that are designed to further our objectives.

At the moment we are working on our first two Events (see below). In March we were thinking about two other events, both involving Competitions, but in early April we decided to hold back on them for the time being (see Idea#07). Since May 2018 it has looked as though Event#03 may not be needed (see that page). Once we have got the Societies Fair out of the way, we will look more into the idea of holding Discussion Groups (Idea#06) and generally think about what else we could/should get involved in.


The holding of Societies Fairs every 2 years or so.

Making people aware of the Golden Valley Groups Initiative through a series of Advertising & Marketing Campaigns.

The development of an Online Shared Diary of local events.
This Event has been suspended pending further investigation.