To ensure that the initiative represented by this site goes further than just the provision of this site, and translates words into deeds, we will on occasion organise & operate and market & advertise events that are designed to further our objectives.

Rather than identify each of our actions as different 'events', we are grouping them into the Event Categories identified below. Hence, for example, instead of listing every Societies Fair that we ever hold as different events, we cover them all under EVENT#01. Apart from keeping things reasonably simple, this makes it easier for us to:
* identify future actions that are presently being planned or which have been committed to but have not yet happened;
* identify things that will probably turn into 'future activities' if certain things happen; as well as
* report current and past activities.

We held our first Societies Fair in November 2018 (Event#01). A brochure was prepared for that. In November 2019 we released the first edition of our second Brochure, viewing it as part of Event#02 and as supporting both Event#03 and Event#04. We launched Event#05 on 24th March 2020.


The holding of Societies Fairs every 2 years or so.

Making people aware of the Golden Valley Groups Initiative (and what it is doing) through a series of Advertising & Marketing Campaigns.

Supporting our local online Events Diary providers.

Supporting our local hard copy information-providing periodicals.

Supporting local businesses, particularly pubs/inns & cafés, in their efforts to play a positive role in their local communities.

News Item #03 reported that we have stopped working on the pages in the Ideas section of the site. Nevertheless, those pages still include some thoughts that may yet lead to other Event Categories. For example: we would like to encourage the formation & use of 'Discussion Groups' in which representatives of community-support groups get together to discuss how to co-operate and make things easier for each other. If that interests you, or you have an idea yourself that you think we should turn into an Event, do feel free to contact Peter@GoldenValleyGroups.UK to discuss the matter.