To ensure that the initiative represented by this site goes further than just the provision of this site, and translates words into deeds, we will on occasion organise & operate and market & advertise events that are designed to further our objectives.

Having held our first Societies Fair (the next one will probably be in mid-late 2021), we are presently looking more into the ideas of holding Discussion Groups (Idea#06), making further use of the information obtained in our Directory, and generally thinking about what else we could/should get involved in. These are likely to lead to some new Events later this year. However, since May 2018 it has looked as though Event#03 may not be needed (see that page).


The holding of Societies Fairs every 2 years or so.

Making people aware of the Golden Valley Groups Initiative through a series of Advertising & Marketing Campaigns.

The development of an Online Shared Diary of local events.
This Event has been suspended pending further investigation.