Supporting our local online Events Diary providers.

[This Event considers online diaries/calendars. Event04 has been set-up to consider hard-copy equivalents but, should it show signs of progress, it is likely that it will have an impact on this Event03.]

This Event was re-launched on 4th November 2019, with a change of scope & title, as a consequence of the drafting of one of the Open Letters in the Brochure that is to be released later this month. Previously the title of this Event was 'The development of an Online Shared Diary of local events'. It was launched on 28th April 2018. Our aim was never to develop an Online Shared Diary by ourselves but to organise and help others do that. The Event was suspended on 17th May 2018 following a useful meeting with representatives of Herefordshire Council. They introduced us to the Events Search Facility being developed by W.I.S.H.. We were impressed by its potential and decided that, in accordance with our wish to avoid reinventing wheels, we would support that facility instead of trying to develop our own. However, we did not immediately cancel or redirect this event as we wanted to talk more on this matter with others before we made a final decision on it. We have since talked and considered the matter with others and so have redirected this Event, as indicated by the change in title.

Our initial approach to the matter was to focus mainly on the position of those who arrange social & community events in the area as they often find it difficult to choose dates that do not clash with events held by others nearby. We now pay more attention to the other side to the issue which is that most Members of the Public find it difficult to find out what events are going on around them. By considering both sides together we simplify the issue into supporting all those who provide online Events Diaries relevant to our Friendship Area. Mention of this in our November 2019 Brochure is the first step in that.

There are some useful web sites and Facebook pages around. We list some on them below. Several of them are also mentioned in the Group Marketing section of the Directory. If you know of others that are worthy of inclusion, please do let us know.

* Ewyas Harold Village Web Site
* GV Wye Magazine (useful Facebook page)
* Much Birch Parish Council
* VisitHerefordshire
* WhatsOnGoldenValley (periodic email available)
* W.I.S.H.


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