This site was derived from some very simple thoughts & ideas. This page will provide an Index not only for those original thoughts & ideas but also for the ideas (and thoughts) which we have since had ourselves or which have since been shared with us. If you have any ideas or suggestions (or thoughts) that you would like to share with us, please send them to Peter@GoldenValleyGroups.UK.

Some of the Ideas below are expected to lead to specific action, which will be reported on in the Events section of the site, but some may just lead to other Ideas, whilst others will do both. Of course, some may not lead to anything at all yet may still be worth recording below. We try to be flexible, and open to suggestions, so we do not view the wording of these Ideas as unchangeable. Indeed, some wording is expected to be changed when the present version becomes out-of-date (#02, #06). However, some of them are unlikely to change because the ideas are 'historical' (#01) or generic (#04, #05). "Generic" is what we call those ideas (sometimes "thoughts" might be more appropriate) which are intended or at least expected to lead to other Ideas rather than to one or more specific Events.


The thoughts that led to 'The Golden Valley Groups Initiative' and hence to the development of this site.

The idea of holding a 'Societies Fair' in 2018 ... and, if that goes well, from time to time thenafter.

Much of what we want to do can be achieved through simple advertising & marketing campaigns.

Transport support is one of the most important community-support activities.

We need to be both creative & co-operative to make the most of our venues (halls, pubs, etc.).

We could facilitate the development of some kind of a Golden Valley Venues Network or Forum.

Competitions can be good for getting things done and for generating fresh ideas.

We, and the groups we are trying to help, will need expert advice & guidance from time to time.

We should make it easier for Local Government to help us!

We could support the development of a local U1A and U2A (or equivalent).