This site, indeed this whole Initiative, was derived from some very simple thoughts & ideas. This page provides an archive-record of the original ideas but they no longer drive the initiative. GVGI has moved on from them in order to adopt an Events-focused approach that should be both productive and sustainable. As reported in News Item #03, GVGI is now focused on a path that is taking action on some of the ideas but is leaving others to later or to other people.

Have we given up on some of the ideas reported below? No. We will keep all of them in mind but some will be given significant support whilst others will fade into the background. Our priority is to encourage people to communicate with each other, particularly (but not exclusively) people who are involved in the running of 'community-support groups'. To do that requires us to focus on a few specific challenges that can act as examples of the sorts of issues we think should be considered. If we have some success with them then there is a good chance that other people will either volunteer to help us develop more of these ideas or will work on them themselves. We don't care who gets the work done as long as it gets done!

The thoughts that led to 'The Golden Valley Groups Initiative' and hence to the development of this site.

The idea of holding a 'Societies Fair' in 2018 ... and, if that goes well, from time to time thenafter.

Much of what we want to do can be achieved through simple advertising & marketing campaigns.

Transport support is one of the most important community-support activities.

We need to be both creative & co-operative to make the most of our venues (halls, pubs, etc.).

We could facilitate the development of some kind of a Golden Valley Venues Network or Forum.

Competitions can be good for getting things done and for generating fresh ideas.

We, and the groups we are trying to help, will need expert advice & guidance from time to time.

We should make it easier for Local Government to help us!

We could support the development of a local U1A and U2A (or equivalent).