We, and the groups we are trying to help, will need expert advice & guidance from time to time.

As mentioned below, this Idea evolved from some earlier thoughts & ideas. It is likely to lead to the establishment of educational & training groups and/or to working with other parties that operate such groups.


It could be argued that this idea has been numbered out-of-turn for we knew right from the start that we would need advice & guidance on how to develop this Groups Initiative! Also, Idea#06 ('We could facilitate the development of some kind of a Golden Valley Venues Network or Forum.') included the concept of Discussion Groups, which is key to this new Idea, whilst Idea#07 ('Competitions can be good for getting things done and for generating fresh ideas') was largely based on recognition that we needed help. However, it was not until the beginning of April 2018 that we started thinking in detail on how to develop some of our Events, and how best to improve the presentation & style of this web site and our Facebook page, that we added the thought that it might be worth developing or working with educational and/or training groups who could focus on helping community-support groups with their particular operational problems. We are thinking that this has the potential to lead to courses or workshops on all sorts of matters ranging from (say) fund raising and using Social Media to boost attendance at events through (say) hall maintainance or flowering arranging to (say) dealing with insurance & taxation issues.


It is a basic part of our approach that we should not 'reinvent wheels' and that we do not want to start something that ends up requiring ongoing effort. [The latter point being not so much evidence of our being lazy as evidence of our being keen to make sure that this initiative is sustainable.] Consequently, we hope to link up with other organisations which are already active in providing relevant advice & guidance and education & training. To this end we have already had initial contact with HVOSS, Community First & WISH and are presently investigating ACRE and will soon be discussing the matter with other relevant organisations also.