We could facilitate the development of some kind of a Golden Valley Venues Network or Forum.

The following is shown here as a record of how GVGI developed over the first year or so of its existence. However, as reported in News Item #03, since September 2019 these Idea pages have not been updated for developments and so may now be inconsistent with the rest of the site and GVGI's present position.

This Idea comes naturally from our wish to encourage Communication between the various community-support groups in our region. Whilst it is possible that it may lead to the establishment of something structured (with a Committee), it is perhaps more likely to lead to the expansion of existing informal contacts, the holding of occasional Discussion Groups, and the development of Facebook Groups or similar. Discussions about this are likely to be held over a number of years but we are hopeful that the first Discussion Groups will be held in 2020. By "Discussion Groups" we just mean people coming together to share ideas and, when appropriate, obtain advice from invited guests.


This idea came out of Idea#05 ('We need to be both creative & co-operative to make the most of our venues') which will be referred to in our discussions. It needs more input before it can be developed properly not least because there are a number of informal 'hall groupings' in the region already, with certain halls co-operating in various ways, and it seems more sensible to try to build on what is already happening than to try to reinvent any wheels. We suspect that, for this idea to get any meaningful support, it will have to be readily identifiable as making the work of operating the venues both easier and more productive - so that is what we hope to support. We will keep away from anything that might appear to venue-operators as intrusive so any arrangement we support is likely to be informal, with venues choosing for themselves how much or how little they become involved. For more on this issue, see Venues.


Although we are itching to set up a new Event - the holding of the first of a series of Discussion Groups - we think it premature to commit to that until we have obtained more feedback on the idea. We hope to get a good amount of feedback from our various surveys but suspect that we will need to supplement that with a series of visits to venues. We shall take it all step-by-step.


It is unlikely that we will want to expand this idea (of developing a network or forum for venues) to cover all community-support groups in the region as that would be too big an undertaking for us. However, we are hopeful that our Directory page will develop into a facility that will make it easy for groups to get together in various ways. Our support for the 3Cs is certainly not limited to venues but our ambitions for facilitating networking between groups are, at present, limited to that Directory page, to what is shown on the Ideas and Events pages, and to anything that may come out of Idea#08 ('We, and the groups we are trying to help, will need expert advice & guidance from time to time'). That limitation may be reconsidered as the Initiative evolves.