We do not and will never buy or sell personal data. At present, the only personal data we record, store and/or process relate to:
- normal business transactions;
- correspondence using publicly-available contact details regarding membership of Councils, Hall Committees, charitable concerns and other 'Community Groups'; and
- information given freely to us for the purpose(s) of developing, operating and/or supporting the Golden Valley Groups Initiative.

We draw people's attention to the Directory in this site. Whilst it will normally only provide links to web sites and Facebook pages (and other pages in this site), on occasion it may include personal data. We will do that only with the express permission of the persons involved and will promptly amend (as appropriate) or remove that data at their request.

Our interest in respecting the privacy of information has led us to encourage certain individuals, who would otherwise feel obliged to make public their private contact details within our Directory, to make use of our provision of free e-mail addresses. For more on that, see here.




Some cookies may be being used to help with the formatting of the site. Other cookies may be being used to record basic non-personal information on visitors to the site for the purposes of standard visitor analysis. Other than that, as far as we are aware, no cookies are being used by this site.